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Electric Facial Cleanser



Three massages heads deeply cleans and messages the skin with dual effect.


  •  Cleaning and Clearing Brush — 0.055 PBT (For oily skin)
  •  Skin Refreshing Brush — Latex Brush (For exfoilation)
  •  Slicone cleansing Brush — Conical Sslicone Brush (For sensitive skin)


  • Three professional heads realize double effect of deep cleaning and massaging, make your skin look much firmer.
  • Two working speeds, the lowspeed is especially suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Water resistant -IPX6.
  • Compact design with a storage case easy to carry.
  • 2AA batteries operated.(batteries not included)

    How to install batteries:

  1. Remove the battery cover by unfastening the buckle at the bottom of the handle.
  2. Install two AA batteries as guided and refasten cover back into place (Batteries not included)


How to use:

  1. Select the massage head that you wish to use and attach it to the device.
  2. Wet your face and the massage head with water.
  3. Apply facial cleanser to the brush head.
  4. Select your desired speed. (Press the ON/OFF Switch once for low speed, press again for high speed, and three times to turn it off).
  5. Place the massage head on the skin, gently move it from bottom to top against your face (avoid the skin around the eyes area).
  6. Recommended use is twice daily, 20 seconds on the forehead, nose and chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek.

How to clean:    

  1. Flush and clean the main component and heads after each use, dry with a cloth or air dry.
  2. Do not clean with sharp or corrosive materials.
  3. Store in stand



  1. Please discontinue use if skin irritation, inflammation or redness occurs.
  2. Remove and replace the batteries from the device if you are not going to use it for more than 30 days.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. DO NOT disassemble.

Beauty tips    

Steps for cleaning face

  1. Apply facial cleanser to your palm and make bubbles with the brush. This will make a better effect.
  2. Gently clean the cheeks, T-zone area, and chin in circular motion from bottom to top. 20 seconds on the forehead ,nose and chin respectively and 10 seconds on each cheek.
  3. Concentrate additional time on T-zone area and for a deeper clean.
  4. Flush and clean your face with warm water.

Eco-friendly Tips:
Batteries contain substances harmful to our environment. Please do not throw them
away with the normal household waste, but hand them in at an official collection point.


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