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Drop Away


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The Advanced Plus Capsules come with our Advanced Plus Plan. A hand in hand approach to help you achieve your goals.

These capsules are our main and most popular product. They (Along with the Advanced Plus Plan) have been specially formulated to help you during your weight loss journey. We class the Advanced Plus Capsules as our handly all rounder which can be complimented with our other range of products such as Boost or Curb if the need arises.

The Advanced Plus Plan is a healthy eating plan (A reduction in Carbohydrates, Fats and Sugars) which is designed to educate you on healthy eating, portion control, healthy cooking and to help you fall in love with food again. You will be suprised how much food you actually eat on this plan as it is by no means a starvation diet. We guide you on what choices to pick for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is an extensive ‘Approved Food’ list broken down into a variety of different categories such as proteins, vegetables, fruit, cereal, snack, freebies etc. It is really simple to folow with no calorie counting, point scoring or complicated coloured days. We simply give you the weights or measures of the food you can choose from and eventually this will teach you on what a healthy, colourful, delicious plate of food looks like. You will also get the love back for food and cooking, the sense of satisfaction you will get from knowing you prepared that and how amazing you will look and feel from doing so.


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